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Cheeses lead the recovery of US exports

Authors: Mirco De Vincenzi, Elisa Donegatti, Ester Venturelli For US dairy exports, February 2024 marked the first month with a positive change compared to the same month in 2023, after a year of negative variations. The recovery has been led

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India plans to grow exports of dairy products (and not only)

With cow’s milk production expected to increase in 2022 (+2.1%) as well as other types of milk such as buffalo, sheep and goat’s milk (+ 2.4%, source USDA), India aims to export to Countries in SouthEast Asia and Middle East

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World calls for European Cheese and dairy products [VIDEO]

Cheese is leading the increase of dairy export from EU-27 plus the UK. A number of dairy products performed well in the first quarter of 2020, showing that the Global demand for European products is still active. The dairy export

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China: dairy import in early 2020 exceeds expectations [VIDEO]

China’s dairy import in January-February 2020 has recorded a trend better than expected. The trade of finished products increased significantly, especially from the EU, while the milk powders import diminished. China’s dairy imports data for the period January-February 2020 are

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China’s thirst for milk

What is the milk self-sufficiency rate in China? Do Chinese people have a sufficiently structured supply chain to meet the needs of domestic consumption of more than 1.4 billion people? These are two questions that arise in light of the

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EU and Italian dairy export keeps on improving in 2019

EU dairy export increased in January-Mary 2019 both in quantity (+8.4%) and in value (+8.8%), supported by a significant increase in May (+14.5% in value). Infant milk formula, mainly destined for China, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, and Cheese, which

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US President Trump increasing import tariffs: would it be a crisis for Italian Cheeses? [Interview]

Attilio Zanetti, vice president of the European Dairy Association, the European federation based in Brussels that brings together all the European dairy associations of the EU Member States, the italian Assolatte included, confides his concerns to us about the commercial

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Population Growth and Milk Supplies - World: Milk production and population

2017 world milk production increased by 1.6% and population grew by 1.1%. The growth of cow milk production (thanks also to the technology developments, sanitary controls, genetic research, nutrition…) goes along with a wealthier population. There are geographical areas, such

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EU-28 SMP export: boom to South-East Asia

European dairy exports closed the first quarter of 2019 positively: + 7.7% in volume and + 4.9% in value. The highest growth trends were for Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP), Packaged Milk, Condensed Milk, Yogurt and Lactose. Exports of Butter and

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U.S. dairy exports are slowing, except for Fresh Cheese

The United States shipped, in March 2019, 195,163 tons of dairy products, -10.9% compared to March 2018, influenced by the negative trend in sales of Whey Powder and Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP). The decline in sales of SMP (-9.3%) reflects

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