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Population Growth and Milk Supplies - World: Milk production and population

2017 world milk production increased by 1.6% and population grew by 1.1%. The growth of cow milk production (thanks also to the technology developments, sanitary controls, genetic research, nutrition…) goes along with a wealthier population. There are geographical areas, such

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EU-28 SMP export: boom to South-East Asia

European dairy exports closed the first quarter of 2019 positively: + 7.7% in volume and + 4.9% in value. The highest growth trends were for Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP), Packaged Milk, Condensed Milk, Yogurt and Lactose. Exports of Butter and

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U.S. dairy exports are slowing, except for Fresh Cheese

The United States shipped, in March 2019, 195,163 tons of dairy products, -10.9% compared to March 2018, influenced by the negative trend in sales of Whey Powder and Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP). The decline in sales of SMP (-9.3%) reflects

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SMP and Butter export from India speeds up

After three years of deadlock (2015-2017), India starts again the exports of dairy products, which between January and December 2018 increased by 136.5%, driven almost exclusively by Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) and Butter. Lower SMP unit prices contribute to the

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Chinese dairy import peaks in January

Chinese dairy import in January, after a month of December marked by growing imports, continued the positive trend. The monthly balance shows an increase of 17.3% in the quantities imported and a +20% in value compared to January 2018. On

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EU-28: Dairy export bounced in October

The EU-28 dairy export, in October, recovered in quantity (+12.5%) and in value (+6.8%). The export of Cheese, strategic product for EU due to the intrinsic dairy tradition, improved. The main target markets are those with the highest spending power:

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SMP competitive prices push EU and US exports higher

The European Union dairy export, in September 2018, showed a decrease both in quantity (-0.4%) and in value (-2.6%) compared to September 2017. Considering the export of dairy products, the average milk value is 39.25 €/100 kg. Cheese export is

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EU-28 Cheese Export: balance between U.S. and Japan?

The dairy exports of the European Union are going through a period of uncertainty. Between January and August 2018, exports fall in quantity (-2.1%) and in value (-5.1%), compared to the first eight months of 2017. Export in Milk Equivalent

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Italy exports less dairy, but at higher prices - Italy: Export price of Cheese and Curd (HS.0406)

Light and shadow for Italian dairy export. In the period January-July 2018 the exported volumes decrease (-2.5% y-o-y), but the values increase (+3.8%). The export of Cheese is growing in quantity and value, with good performances for Grana Padano and

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More Italian Cheese on global market - Italy: Import/Export of Cheese and Curd (Mio Euro)

Exports of Italian dairy products in the first quarter 2018 had an opposite trend compared to the European Union. While the EU trend in the first three months saw an increase in quantity (+2.5% y-o-y) and a decrease in value

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