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Chinese Soybean import slows down, while production increases [Corn and Soybean - n ° 9/2018]

The Global Corn and Soybean production is expected to increase in the season 2018-19, respectively of +0.7% (1.069 Mio T) and +0.6% (369.32 Mio T), compared to August estimates. In the United States, the world’s largest producer of Corn and

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Dairy import, China gets slower and the EU replies with quality

The global exports of dairy products to China slow down. In the period January-July 2018 overall dairy export grew by +4.3% compared to the same period of 2017, but at a slower pace if compared with the first 7 months

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Chinese dairy imports continue to grow, although at a slower pace

After the trade tensions with the U.S., China has stopped all official updates of dairy import data. On the basis of the figures provided by the exporting countries, we can still outline a positive trend in Chinese imports. The first

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China’s duties limit U.S. Soybean export [Corn and Soybean - n°07/2018]

Global production for the season 2018-19 is projected higher both for Corn and Soybean, respectively at 1054.3 Mio t (+0.2% from June outlook) and 359.5 Mio t (+1.2%). Corn production increased in the U.S. (361.5 Mio t, +1.4%), on higher

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China is silent, while the dairy imports increase

The only certainty is that Chinese imports of dairy products are increasing. Import updates from official Chinese sources have not yet been released. The official import figures are limited to the first quarter of this year and show an increase

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China increases its imports of butter and milk powders, cheese slowed down

Chinese dairy import kept growing fast in the first quarter of 2018: +15.3% in quantity and +24.2% in value y-o-y. Import is over 758,000 tons of milk and derivatives, for a total value of 2.58 billion dollars. There is still

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New heights in January for China dairy import

In January 2018 China’s dairy imports reached a pick, with an increase +43.8% in volume and +52.5% in value compared to January 2017. The most imported products in January, in terms of quantity, were: Whole milk powder (WMP): +28%, for

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China, a strategic country for EU production

Chinese dairy figures for the month of December 2017 confirm a positive trend y-o-y both in volume and in value. Imports of cheese and WMP slowed down (respectively -19.4% and -40.5%), but recorded satisfactory level of price growth (+12% and

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South East Asia is the most important area for the Dairy sector

South East Asia is becoming the most important area for the trade of dairy products. In the period January-November 2017, it imported semi-processed products and processed products amounting to 3.717.000 tons, 10% more than the same period of the previous

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China’s growing appetite for Yogurt

China has achieved a new record in Yogurt imports: 3,524 tons in October 2017, resulting in an increase by +161% from October 2016 and +70.2% in the period January-October 2017 y-o-y. Germany, the main Yogurt supplier to China with a

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