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Rice: India faces climate effects

By: Elisa Donegatti and Ester Venturelli India is the second world producer of Rice, following China, with 132 Mio Ton in the 2023-24 season, according to USDA estimates. With a self-sufficiency of 112%, it is the first world Rice exporter

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India turns to import to reply at dairy demand

Di: Ester Venturelli India is the main milk producer in the world. Nevertheless, domestic production is generally equal to consumption and the Country has a self-sufficiency of about 100%. This year, though, we could observe dynamics that are very different

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India plans to grow exports of dairy products (and not only)

With cow’s milk production expected to increase in 2022 (+2.1%) as well as other types of milk such as buffalo, sheep and goat’s milk (+ 2.4%, source USDA), India aims to export to Countries in SouthEast Asia and Middle East

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India: what role in the future of dairy?

The Indian model India has the highest livestock population in the world, including cattle, sheep, buffaloes and goats. Milk most consumed worldwide is from cattle; while in India is preferred buffalo’s milk, which has a higher fat content (7,4%). The

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SMP and Butter export from India speeds up

After three years of deadlock (2015-2017), India starts again the exports of dairy products, which between January and December 2018 increased by 136.5%, driven almost exclusively by Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) and Butter. Lower SMP unit prices contribute to the

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The exciting future for the Indian Dairy sector

by H S Oberoi, President of Parag Milk Foods Ltd (India) The year 2017 has not been good in India, because of high milk prices and low rate of  milk products. Because of this, profit margins have been low. Now

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