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Lower temperatures and feed costs prompted Milk production in South America [News South America n°8/2019]

Period: June 10 – 21, 2019 During the last summer season high temperatures and constant flooding in several dairy basins kept milk output in Argentina and Uruguay below the previous year levels. Then starting from May the drier climate improved development and quality of

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Brazilian dairy farmers are waiting to see lower feed prices soon [News South America n°7/2019]

Period: April 1 – 12, 2019 Milk production in Argentina and Uruguay remain below last year levels. As a consequence, cheese and milk powders production is limited. Fluid milk demand is fair to good, while cream supplies are reported as tight

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Milk production below last year in Argentina and Uruguay [News South America n°6/2019]

Period: March 18 – 29, 2019 For the moment El Niño impact has been minimal for the agricultural sector in South America, according to climate experts. The temperature has been favorable for crops and grass quality, and many milk producers

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EU Soybean import from the US: the boom continues

Global Soybean production for the 2018-19 season is estimated at the record level of 360.1 Mio Tons, although slightly down (-0.3%) compared to last month forecast, reflecting a lower production decline expected in Brazil (-0.5 Mio Tons), given the dry

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The butterfat supplies are not enough to cover demand in South America [News South America n°5/2019]

Period: March 4 – 15, 2019 Milk production is steady to slightly up in South America, as temperatures remain high. Sporadic rains maintained favorable general conditions for forage and the second harvest of maize and cotton in key agricultural areas. Fluid and UHT

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Will milk producers benefit from a better corn harvest? [News South America n°4/2019]

Period: February 18 – March 1, 2019 The climate has been favorable in the main dairy basins of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. Nevertheless, some meteorologists predict that El Niño could hit hard again in the coming months, causing floods and droughts across

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Cream supplies are tight in South America [News South America n°3/2019]

Period: February 4 – 15, 2019 In Argentina and Uruguay the sunny weather helped to minimize muddy and flood conditions in several dairy farms. Showers intensified over central Brazil, while dryness persisted in the southern region of the country. Higher summer temperatures

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El Niño dampened milk production in Argentina [News South America n° 2/2019]

Period: January 7 – February 1, 2019 El Niño dampened milk production in Argentina. Floods have harshly impacted dairy farmers: several numbers of milking cows have died and sanitary measures have been lifted, while milk hauling has been a major issue.

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Brazil milk production expected to grow throughout 2019 [News South America n°1/2019]

Period: December 10, 2018 - January 4, 2019 In Argentina, heavy rain maintained adequate moisture for corn and soybean crops’ growth. Nevertheless, in some farms greater sanitary measures were required at the time of milking because of the muddy soil, and some roads

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Weather supports Soybean Supply from Brazil [Corn and Soybean - n°12/2018]

Global Corn production for 2018-19 is forecast at 1,099.9 Mio Tons, +0.1% from November projections, with increases for Ukraine (record production forecast at 35 Mio Tons), and for the European Union, especially for Romania. U.S. most recent data on ethanol

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