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Argentina: export tariffs could affect SMP and WMP prices [News South America n°3/2020]

Period: January 20 – 31, 2020 Farm milk output is seasonally declining in the key dairy basins of South America. High summer temperatures had taken a toll on cows’ comfort, lowering their productive milk yields. Dryness returned in South America

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Dryness is reducing the quality of forage in Argentina [News South America n°1/2020]

Period: December 9, 2019 – January 3, 2020 In the past couple of weeks, hotter climate conditions prevailed in Argentina, causing dryness in several dairy areas, reducing the volume and quality of forage. However, grain stocks remain broad throughout the

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Argentina encourages consumption: 0% VAT on liquid milk and yogurt [News Sud America n°13/2019]

Farm milk production continues going up in South America, coming close to the peak of the year. Milkfat and protein components in the milk are steadily improving. Although in Brazil the milk production is higher compared to the previous couple

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Record Soybean import for China – New season outlook [Corn and Soybean - n°5/2018]

The estimates for the new season 2018-19, starting in September for Corn and in October for Soybean, forecast increasing production and use and decreasing ending stocks from 2017-18. Corn production is forecast at 1056.07 Mio Tons (+1.9% from a year

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Argentina: dryness affects yields for Corn and Soybean [Corn and Soybean - n°2/2018]

Global production for the season 2017-18 is projected lower both for Corn and Soybean, respectively at 1041.7 Mio t (-0.3% from January outlook) and 346.9 Mio t (-0.5%). Corn production decreased for Ukraine (24.1 Mio t, -3.5%), based on the

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WMP prices shifted higher in South America [News South America n°3/2016]

Period: November 14 – 25, 2016 Argentina Milk production: is seasonally trending lower, but still in good balance with processing needs. Milk producers: pasture conditions are good in the main dairy basins of Córdoba, Santa Fe, and Buenos Aires. In October, farmgate milk

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Brazil: farmers ask for a regulation of WMP imports [News South America n°1/2016]

Period: October 17 – 28, 2016 Argentina Milk production: near to the peak of the spring flush. Weather situation: although rainfalls are present in the main dairy basins, milk yields have been marginally affected. Milk producers: pasture conditions should be good in Cordoba, Santa Fe

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Corn and Soybeans n°3/2015: market dynamics

According to March’s WASDE Report, the global Corn supplies for 2014-15 are projected at 989.66 Mio t, slightly lower from February projections. Corn production in the United States and in Brazil, the largest Exporters, is unchanged. South Africa Corn output

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Corn and Soybeans n°9/2014: market dynamics

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, in the WASDE report of September 2014, confirms for the season 2014-15 the estimates of a record global production both for Corn (987.52 Mio t) and Soybean (311.13 Mio t). Projections reflect higher Corn production

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