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Reducing market volatility with open markets: the opinion of the dairy farmer Andrew Hoggard

From Andrew Hoggard, President of Federated Farmers of New Zealand The world of dairy is an interesting one.  On one hand you have great collaboration from all parts of the dairy sector value chain, globally coming together through organisations such

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Population Growth and Milk Supplies - World: Milk production and population

2017 world milk production increased by 1.6% and population grew by 1.1%. The growth of cow milk production (thanks also to the technology developments, sanitary controls, genetic research, nutrition…) goes along with a wealthier population. There are geographical areas, such

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EU milk supply to go down

Erhard Richarts, Dairy Market Conultant, presents some key highlights of the first half of 2017 EU dairy market. The seasonal growth of EU milk production will be accompanied by trailing behind 2016 volumes until the mid of 2017. Also milk

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EU-28 exports: milk and cream increased by 45% in first half 2016

During first half of 2016, EU milk and cream exports increased by 45% (compared to Jan-Jun 2015). Starting from May 2015, Belarus has become a major destination for these products: during first half of 2016 its import volumes were more

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China imports more packed milk but less milk powders (April 2016 y-o-y)

China imports in April 2016 compared to April 2015 increased in volumes for: Milk and cream (+74.7%) Infant milk formula (+5.5%) decreased for: WMP (-4.6%) Cheese (-4.7%) Whey Powder (-7.1%) Butter (-8.4%) SMP (-31.1%) The main Exporters of Milk and

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China, launching ramp for the world dairy trade

China is one of the dairy import leaders with a continuous upward trend. In 2013 there was a 44.9% increase on 2012 for milk powder, butter and cheese. The increase for fluid milk was 65.58%; it was +14.71% for whey

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Prices at GDT hits the top

The average price at Global Dairy Trade hit $ 5,025 a tonne, up 1.7% from the previous auction two weeks ago and up 46% from a year ago. This price reflects the increase from higher value products, first of all

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