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Butter price goes off the charts

Operators are facing worldwide a singular situation: the prices of Butter, Cream and Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) have reached unprecedented levels. The trend is still rising, and it becomes necessary to understand why. Southeast Asia, Middle East and the other

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WMP pricing: a boost to farmers in New Zealand [News Oceania n°23/2016]

Period: October 31 – November 11, 2016 AUSTRALIA Milk production: is tailing off from the likely peak. Currently, seasonal projections are projected to be 6-8% lower versus the prior year. Weather situation: wet conditions remain pervasive, hampering current milk output. The positive side is there

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Oceania: competition with Europe increases [News Oceania n°6/2015]

Period: March 9 – 20, 2015 AUSTRALIA Milk production: has been supported by favorable weather conditions and fairly good producer margins. Weather situation: favorable over most of the key dairying regions. Recent rains across southern Australia have improved paddocks, and producers are

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Prices at GDT hits the top

The average price at Global Dairy Trade hit $ 5,025 a tonne, up 1.7% from the previous auction two weeks ago and up 46% from a year ago. This price reflects the increase from higher value products, first of all

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