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China: Increasing Demand for Grains

By: Elisa Donegatti and Ester Venturelli Since September 2023, China has accelerated its purchases in the grain markets (+26.3% from January to April 2024). Although this growth involves various products, two stand out in particular: Barley and Sorghum. Imports of

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The explosive force of the Brazilian exports

By: Marika De Vincenzi, Elisa Donegatti, and Ester Venturelli In the last two agricultural years, Brazil has produced high quantities of Cereals and Oilseeds, especially Corn and Soybeans. The abundance of these products has kept Brazilian prices competitive compared to

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Fertilizers: Price decline stimulates trade

By: Elisa Donegatti and Ester Venturelli In 2022, the EU produced 54.4 million tonnes of fertilisers, down by -7% compared to 2021, due to the high cost of Natural Gas. According to Eurostat estimates, in 2023, production has further decreased

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Corn and Soybean: prices and market updates | January 2021

2021 began with an increase in Corn and Soybean prices in the main global markets. Michele of the and TESEO Team describes the causes in the following video. The average prices of Corn and Soybean in January have increased

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Corn: prices and market updates | November 2020 [VIDEO]

World Corn Production and Export are expected to grow for the new season, driven by the United States and Brazil. Corn prices increased in the USA, Argentina and some EU countries, including Italy. Michele from the CLAL Team illustrates the

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