By: Marika De Vincenzi, Elisa Donegatti, and Ester Venturelli In the last two agricultural years, Brazil has produced high quantities of Cereals and Oilseeds, especially Corn and Soybeans. The abundance of these products has kept Brazilian prices competitive compared to

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By: Elisa Donegatti and Ester Venturelli In 2022, the EU produced 54.4 million tonnes of fertilisers, down by -7% compared to 2021, due to the high cost of Natural Gas. According to Eurostat estimates, in 2023, production has further decreased

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di: Elisa Donegatti, Mirco De Vincenzi, Ester Venturelli During the first trimester of 2024, China increased imports of Cereals by 25,9% compared to the same period of 2023, recording the record over the last four years. Barley demand, that changed

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Authors: Mirco De Vincenzi, Elisa Donegatti, Ester Venturelli For US dairy exports, February 2024 marked the first month with a positive change compared to the same month in 2023, after a year of negative variations. The recovery has been led

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By: Elisa Donegatti and Ester Venturelli India is the second world producer of Rice, following China, with 132 Mio Ton in the 2023-24 season, according to USDA estimates. With a self-sufficiency of 112%, it is the first world Rice exporter

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By: Ester Venturelli and Elisa Donegatti For years Corn and Soy global export has been mainly led by two countries: the US and Brazil. The perspectives of these two countries, however, are different: while the US are close to their

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Di: Ester Venturelli India is the main milk producer in the world. Nevertheless, domestic production is generally equal to consumption and the Country has a self-sufficiency of about 100%. This year, though, we could observe dynamics that are very different

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With over 66 million tonnes of Cereals and over 102 million tonnes of Oilseeds imported in 2021, China is the largest importing country in the world. Furthermore, China holds 68% of the world Corn stocks, 36% of the Soybean stocks

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With cow’s milk production expected to increase in 2022 (+2.1%) as well as other types of milk such as buffalo, sheep and goat’s milk (+ 2.4%, source USDA), India aims to export to Countries in SouthEast Asia and Middle East

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It’s always the same story: a barn to rebuild, struggles finding workers, not enough land to reliably grow forage and other crops… the dairy is shutting down. It is a sad story, common to more and more places where dairy

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