Soy: is a trade war really worth it?

According to and TESEO processing on WASDE – USDA data, three countries produce 82% of world Soybean production. Soybean total production is 340.86 Mio Tons per year, and the main three producers are:

  • United States (35% of the total),

  • Brazil (33%) and

  • Argentina (14%).

The same three countries account for 89% of the global Soybean export, which totals 150.60 Mio Tons per year*.

Since 2012 Brazil has become the world’s leading Soybean exporter, with a share of 47%, surpassing the United States (37%). Argentina follows, with a global share of 5%. Since 2012 exports have been growing year by year.

The main importing countries area: China (67% share), EU-28 (9%) and Mexico (3%). In the season 2012-13 global Soybeans imports were below 100 Mio Tons, today the global trade volume reached 151.3 Mio Tons*.

In the light of these global trends, it is natural to ask: is a trade war really worth it?

Export of Soybean and main exporting countries

Import of Soybean and main importing countries

* global export and import data may differ slightly, probably due to the customs system.

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