China, launching ramp for the world dairy trade

China is one of the dairy import leaders with a continuous upward trend. In 2013 there was a 44.9% increase on 2012 for milk powder, butter and cheese. The increase for fluid milk was 65.58%; it was +14.71% for whey powder and +15.28%  for lactose and caseinate. Concerning milk powders, SMP increased year to year by 35.54% and WMP by 50.33%. This trend was particularly strong in December with WMP up 94.2% on December 2012 while SMP hit the increase record of +217.4%. The same for butter which increased by 139.6% in December 2013 compared to the same month of 2012.

Complete data are available on the Clal Focus China

China: yearly dairy import

China, launching ramp for the world dairy trade

China: monthly moving average of volumes of WMP imported


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