Italy: Dairy export January-November 2013

Official ISTAT figures show a general increase in the export of Italian cheeses ranging between +2.55% for the category Asiago, Montasio, Ragusano, Caciocavallo and +18.64 % for fresh cheeses including Mascarpone. During the first 11 months of last year, a total of 81,049 metric tonnes of fresh cheeses including Mozzarella and Ricotta were exported, with an increase of 13.72% from the same period of the previous year. Average price was 3.96 Euro per kg resulting -0.37% compared to 2012. Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano had an increase of 5.56% at 71,936 tonnes with a price of 9.83 Euro/kg, -5.80% compared to the previous year. Gorgonzola had an increase in quantity of 4.53% at 14,610 tonnes with an average price of 5.86 Euro per kg, +0.56% compared to 2012. Export of packed semi-skimmed and skimmed milk also increased while packed whole milk decreased; however quantities remain limited. In total the export of whey amounted to  405,462 metric tonnes, + 15.62% compared to 2012 and average price was 0.36 Euro/kg, up 11.29% from the previous year.

See complete set of figures at - Italy: monthly Export of dairy products – Italy: monthly Export of dairy products

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