China’s Butter import double in volume and triple in value

Chinese dairy import of the first 8 months of 2017 marked an increase by 9.8% in volume and 35.4% in value, leading to a total of 1.74 million tonnes imported for $ 5.94 billion.

In August 2017, Chinese demand recorded an acceleration of +28.7% in volume and +70% in value, increasing imports of all dairy products, for which the changes in quantity were:

  • Butter (+101.6%)
  • WMP (+91.9%)
  • Cream  (+89.7%)
  • SMP (+63.8%)
  • Infant milk formula (+43.1%)
  • Cheese (+40.9%)
  • Bulk and packaged milk (+7.4%)

China imported 15,018 tonnes of Butter, more than double than in August 2016, increasing its purchases from New Zealand, France and Belgium. The value of Butter imports ($ 87,758,000) triple in August (+216%).

Chinese demand for Cream continued in August (+ 89.7% in volume and + 134% in value), with New Zealand and France the main suppliers.

After 5 months of lower imports of packaged Milk, in August China imported considerable quantities from Germany (21,123 tonnes), New Zealand (12,055 tonnes) and Australia (6,116 tonnes), recording a growth of 7.4% in volume and 21.4% in value.

New Zealand was the leading supplier of Milk Powder (SMP and WMP) also in August.

It will be important to follow New Zealand exports for the next two months, as August 2017 data show a significant decrease in the volumes exported for most dairy products (-22.8%). - China: Total Dairy Import Jul-Aug (volumes) – China: Total Dairy Import Jul-Aug (volumes) - China: Total Dairy Import Jul-Aug (values) – China: Total Dairy Import Jul-Aug (values)

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