Population Growth and Milk Supplies

World (2017)
+1.6% Milk Production
+1.1% Population

2017 world milk production increased by 1.6% and population grew by 1.1%.

The growth of cow milk production (thanks also to the technology developments, sanitary controls, genetic research, nutrition…) goes along with a wealthier population.

There are geographical areas, such as the EU-28, Oceania and North America, characterized by a good standard of living, where production exceeds needed domestic demand, thus offering a wide range of dairy products for exports.

There are regions, such as Asia and Africa, that evidence shortage of milk and dairy products, compared to population.

Other geographical areas, such as Extra EU-28 and South America, show an important production compared to population. However, the domestic income does not allow an adequate consumption of milk and dairy products.

The different proportion between milk output and population is highlighted in the following graph:

CLAL.it - World: Milk production and population

CLAL.it – World: Milk production and population

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10% of the milk produced is traded internationally

The European Union accounts for 23% of milk production, in 2018, and for 30% of dairy product exports (cheese, milk powders, liquid and condensed milk, yogurt), converted into milk equivalent.

The second most productive region is Asia, where 21% of milk is produced. Asia accounts for 1% of the global dairy trade.

North America ranks third in both milk production and dairy exports, covering 16% of both items.

Oceania accounts for 5% of the world milk production and 33% of the world dairy trade.

CLAL.it -  WORLD: from milk produced to the Export in ME

CLAL.it – WORLD: from milk produced to the Export in ME

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