EU-28 consolidates its leadership in Cheese and SMP exports

With an acceleration of 3.5% in quantity and 2% in value in December, the dairy export of the European Union recovered in 2018, which marks +0.5% in quantity, but slows down in value (-2.4%).

EU-28 SMP Export
+34.9% in volume
December 2018 y-o-y

The Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) drove the December exports. Thanks to a lower unit price (-6.6%), SMP exports grew significantly in quantity (+ 34.9%) and in value (+26%). In 2018, Algeria was the first importing country, followed by China, Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam.

On the contrary, the Whole Milk Powder (WMP) loses interest. EU WMP exports slowed down considerably in December (-33.4% in quantity and -30.9% in value), thus aggravating an annual limping trend, -15.1% in quantity and -16.7% in value in 2018 compared to 2017.

Exports of Infant Milk Formula increased both in quantity (+8.6%) and in value (+4.3%) in 2018 compared to the previous year. China and Hong Kong are the first two importing countries, with a market share of 45% and 10% respectively.

The European Union attracts importing countries in highly specialized segments: Whey, Caseins, Lactose

The EU-28 continues to attract importing countries in highly specialized segments, such as Whey Powder, Lactose pharmaceutical, Caseins and Lactose edible.

The export of Butter declined in December, but a growth of 10.5% of the average unit price for 2018 to 5.92 € / kg means that the year closed positively as regards the values traded (+2.1%).

Export price of Cheese
+3,2%December 2018 y-o-y

In the last month of 2018, Cheese prices recovered (+ 3.2%) and close a year substantially positive for quantities exported (+0.5%) and values (+0.8%). The TOP destination of EU-28 Cheese are the United States (16% of the market share), Japan (13%) and Switzerland (7%), followed by South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Fresh cheeses, whose exports declined in 2018, recorded encouraging performances in China (+12.3%). Perhaps that of fresh cheeses is the way to conquer the tastes of Chinese consumers?

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