U.S. dairy exports are slowing, except for Fresh Cheese

U.S. dairy export
-10.9% in volume
Mar19 y-o-y

The United States shipped, in March 2019, 195,163 tons of dairy products, -10.9% compared to March 2018, influenced by the negative trend in sales of Whey Powder and Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP).

The decline in sales of SMP (-9.3%) reflects mainly Mexico’s retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products.

Similar situation also for Whey Powder (-23%), decreasing to Mexico, and also to China, where the African swine fever virus (ASF) is spreading rapidly in pig herds. Fewer pigs means a lowering of demand for milk components, including milk permeate, whey permeate, whey powder and lactose.

U.S. dairy exports to China are half of what they were in 2018.

CLAL.it - US dairy export to China

CLAL.it – US dairy export to China

On the other hand, the performance of US cheese exports is positive for March 2019: +11% in volume (37,695 tons), + 6.6% in value (150.238 million USD). South Korea and Japan were the top markets and the most popular cheeses are Fresh Cheeses (15 thousand tons, + 40.1%).

CLAL.it - U.S. cheese export to Mexico, South Korea and Japan

CLAL.it – U.S. cheese export to Mexico, South Korea and Japan

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