U.S. Soybean exports recover

CLAL Soybean report

World production

Global Soybean production for 2019-20 season, beginning on October 1, is forecast at 341.39 Mio Tons, -5.4% compared to the 2018-19 season.

Soybean total use record a continuous increase and, given the lower expected production, ending stocks should reach 99.19 Mio Tons (-11.8%).


In the 2018-19 season the United States were the first World Soybean Producer with a production of 123.7 Mio Tons, but for the 2019-20 season a production of 98.9 Mio Tons is expected (-20.1%), on a lower yield forecast at 47.9 bushels per acre.

Brazil will surpass the United States as the largest producer of Soybeans in 2019-20, taking over the top ranking, with a share of 36% and a production of 123 Mio Tons (+ 5.1%), which also reflects the yield increase.


Global export

For 2018-19 Soybean exports for Brazil are lowered based on lower-than-expected shipments during the past few months. However, higher-than-expected exports by Argentina and the United States, particularly to China, are offsetting.

The weekly data show that, after a significant decrease in the first half of the season, US exports have started to recover since April, and in August they exceeded the levels of 2018. In the period January-July 2019 the United States, after the slowdown in 2018, increased Soybean export to China by + 33%.

For 2019-20, Soybean exports are expected higher for the three main exporters (Brazil, USA, Argentina).


Global import

China, the main world Soybean importer, is expected to increase its imports in the new season: +2.4% compared to 2018-19 season.


Italian import

In the first half of 2019, Italy increased Soybean imports +23.3%, compared to January-June 2018. The United States and Brazil are the main suppliers, more than offsetting the sharp decline in purchases from Canada.


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