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China Import: signs of a reopening of the market [VIDEO]

Chinese dairy import increased in March, closing the first quarter of 2020 with a positive variation, despite the limitations due to the COVID-19 emergency. Europe increased exports, especially of Cheeses, and strengthened its trade relationship with China.  Good news regarding the

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Butter prices declining but higher than EU [News Oceania n°8/2020]

Period: April 13 – 24, 2020 Australia is moving toward the end of the current milk production season. After a challenging start to the season, milk production has been steadier in recent months, even if lower than last season so

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Corn: the demand for Ethanol falls down

Global Corn Production Corn production for the season 2019-20 is estimated at 1113.02 Mio Tons, adjusted higher compared to the last outlook. The overall production is expected to decrease by 0.9% compared to the previous season. Global Corn production is

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Milk demand higher than supply [News South America n°7/2020]

Period: March 30 – April 10, 2020 In Argentina most dairy cows are suffering from heat stress due to atypical high temperatures, limiting milk production. Milk and cream intakes are not sufficient to satisfy all manufacturing needs. Some contacts say

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New Zealand: positive signs from the GDT and Chinese imports [News Oceania n°7/2020]

Period: March 16 – 27, 2020 In Australia, some agricultural banks project that Australian milk production this season will be -4.9% lower than last season. Very good demand is expected to help seasonal farmgate milk prices for producers. Australian milk

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Brazil: milk sales increase in retail, but fall in food-service [News South America n°6/2020]

Period: March 16 – 27, 2020 In South America, milk production is seasonally increasing. During the past weeks, lower temperatures and scattered showers have helped boosting dairy cows’ yields and soil moisture in several corn and soybean farming areas. Compared

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China: dairy import in early 2020 exceeds expectations [VIDEO]

China’s dairy import in January-February 2020 has recorded a trend better than expected. The trade of finished products increased significantly, especially from the EU, while the milk powders import diminished. China’s dairy imports data for the period January-February 2020 are

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Soybean production expected +7.7% in Brazil, world’s main producer

Soybean production increase in South America Soybean global production for the season 2019/20 is forecast at 341,76 Mio Tons, -4.7% compared to 2018/19 season, but increasing compared to the previous estimates. This increase reflects the higher projected production in Brazil

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Lower milk production supports prices [News Oceania n°6/2020]

Period: March 2 – 13, 2020 In Australia, milk production has been steady in recent months, with rainfall offsetting the impact of dry conditions in many regions and helping to check higher feed costs. In January 2020, New Zealand milk

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Growing demand of drinking milk and cream [News South America n°5]

Period: March 2 – 13, 2020  The climate in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay has been mainly dry and warm during the last weeks, promoting the growth of second-crop corn in southern Brazil and improved the development of summer grains in

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